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Gluten Free Snack Bars

Gluten free snack bars like ReBAR can become an important dietary supplement for people of all ages.

In particular, truly healthy gluten free snacks for kids are hard to find. Look no further!

More than just another gluten free health bar, ReBAR has more servings of vegetables and fruits, (eight in total) packed into one bar than any other bar on the market.

For that reason many celiac consumers view ReBAR as a gluten free meal replacement bar or at least as a supplement when they are having difficulty getting their recommended daily intake of at least 5 servings of vegetables and fruits.

With more consumers being diagnosed with celiac disease every day there are now more gluten free energy bars on the market than ever before. However, there are still not enough gluten free PROTEIN bars  or gluten free NUTRITION bars to meet the demands of the educated consumer. And there are virtually no other raw gluten free enzyme active bars on the market .

ReBAR IS clearly one of the best gluten free bars on the market and here are some very good reasons to make ReBAR part of your gluten free diet:

  • ZERO Fat
  • Pesticide FREE
  • ZERO Cholesterol
  • Proper food combining
  • High in fibre with 6 grams / bar
  • NO artificial ingredients
  • Only natural fructose

ReBAR meets both of those requirements so when you add up all the features of a ReBAR you are truly consuming a unique gluten free snack bar when you chose a ReBAR today!

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