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ReBAR, a Revolutionary Snack

Consumers are more health-conscious than ever, and we all know we should incorporate more fruit and vegetables into our diets. Unfortunately most of us have very little time to make a balanced meal, much less go shopping, for the best produce or fruits in town. So we settle for second rate produce from our local grocery store or some semi-nutritious frozen veggies or canned fruit. No longer does this need to be the case.

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With ReBAR, you’re getting organically grown greens, harvested at their nutritional peak, processed within two hours into the main ingredient of Rebar, a deep green powder. The processing of these greens is kept below 88 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure none of the living enzymes your body needs are harmed. What this means is that when you bite into a ReBAR you are biting into greens that are 95% nutritionally intact. One ReBAR exceeds the minimum requirements set forth by both the American and Canadian Cancer Societies. Both of which recommend a minimum of 5 servings of fruit and vegetables per day, ReBAR has eight servings packed into each bar. No other Energy / Snack bar can make this claim. In fact, even if you ate the equivalent servings of vegetables and fruit from your local grocery store you would probably not match Rebar’s nutrient level.

More specifically, the ingredients in ReBAR are non-pasturized, high in chlorophyll, and a potent source of antioxidants and other health supporting components. Such components are: Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, iron, Potassium, Calcium, Beta-Carotene, and trace minerals. All this and only 1.1 grams of fat in each bar.

ReBAR gets all of these goodies naturally from 20 different vegetables and fruits including: Apple, Carrot, Spinach, Alfalfa, Cabbage, Broccoli, Kale, Celery, Rosehip, Parsley, Cauliflower, Cucumber, Beets, Bell Pepper, Collards, Watercress, BokChoy, Tomato, Garlic, Natural Fruit Flavors. May contain one or more of the following natural fruit concentrates: Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Grape.


Families are busier than ever before, with less and less time devoted to the making of nutritious foods. Fast food meals and snacks with little or no nutritional value are often the common denominator. Growing children and busy adults need proper nutrition. ReBAR is specifically designed to reintroduce family members to the wonderful world of fruit and vegetables. When was the last time you saw your children sit down with a plate full of raw fruit and vegetables? Well now it’s easy, because Rebar has over 20 different fruits and raw vegetables in every 50 gram bar.


The consumption of energy bars with claims like high protein, high carbohydrates, low fat, creatine and herbal brews have reached an all time high. Athletes, be it weekend warriors or hard core professionals, are eating these bars for the sole purpose of better performance via increased energy. Quick energy comes from carbohydrates. The key is finding energy bars with clean, fast acting, healthy carbohydrates and not from fuel sources like glucose, corn syrup, or maltodextrin. Clean sources have always been derived from mother nature, fuels that the body recognizes and can properly digest and assimilate. The Carbohydrates in ReBAR are 100% natural, derived from fruits and vegetables, loaded with natural nutrition. This is why more athletes are turning to ReBAR for better performance and quick energy

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