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Why Eat ReBAR & Why Choose Organic?

Organic is better:

Studies from both the universities of Copenhagan & Wisconsin plus the U.S.Department of Agriculture all indicate that organic crops have a much higher concentration of vitamins & metabolites (thought to lower risk of cancer and heart disease in humans) than conventional produce. The nutritional value of conventional produce has been dropping dramatically over the past 30 years, in part due to the overuse of nitrogen in farming which destroys much of the soil’s fertility. ReBAR is 98.5% ORGANIC!

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Nutritionists have for years pointed out the importance of including more raw foods in our diets. When our food is exposed to cooking temperatures in excess of 120 Fahrenheit, enzymes start to die. Cooked food becomes dead or empty food lacking all life enhancing enzymes. Enzymes are the intangible living elements which act as the catalyst for innumerable chemical reactions within the body, promoting efficient assimilation and enabling the metabolic processes that support high levels of energy, and promote good health. Studies have shown that a lack of enzymes and the aging process are directly related.


Organic foods are free of pesticides, fungicides, ripening agents, fumigants and other unhealthy toxic, man-made chemicals. The residues of these toxic chemicals in our food chain are major health hazards for everyone. Organic foods also have a greater abundance of life-giving vitamins and minerals in part due to the organic farmers’ natural soil rebuilding process and that organic foods are harvested at the ripe stage, instead of the green stage.


Scientific arrogance has continually been building a “tower of babel” in the food and nutritional industry. Assuming that scientific technology could improve on the wisdom of Mother Nature has become a primary cause of disease in our modern world. We dissect food, take out the most obvious parts, attempt to recreate them in a laboratory and label them as “active ingredients”. In fact, it is the symphony of nutrients working synergistically that provides the amazing healing power of whole foods. ReBAR provides the body with energy from nutrition. This energy is from calories, protein, vitamins, minerals, fat, enzymes and phyto-nutrients. This 100% whole food contains all of these factors still intact, without depletion or extraction.


Our diets should consist of a 75% alkaline – 25% acidifying foods. In most cases this ratio is not adhered to. The average 20th Century diet is far more acid than is healthy. When the body is acidic, cellular metabolic dynamics are disrupted. This is the beginning of premature aging, degenerative diseases and excess weight gain.