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Celiac Disease Diet

As someone with celiac disease sourcing gluten free foods may seem a difficult task. Finding a gluten free snack that is actually good for you may seem even more arduous Fortunately, fruits and vegetables are probably the most readily available foods on the market. And ReBAR is the only snack on the market today that packs 8 organic servings of ...

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Energy Bars

ReBAR is not only a healthy but a clean energy bar! Although we didn’t originally design ReBAR to be an energy bar, not long after it was on the market, our active, sports minded customers started telling us just how good it was. Energy is derived from carbohydrates and the world’s cleanest source of complex carbohydrates comes from fruits and ...

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Meal Replacement Bar Benefits

ReBAR may very well be the best meal replacement bar on the market. How many other all natural meal replacement bars can boast of offering 8 servings of fruits and vegetables in one snack bar? The answer is NONE! Even more unique, ReBAR is also an organic meal replacement bar. Here are some of the things that make ReBAR a ...

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Healthy Snack Ideas

ReBAR is the perfect healthy snack between meals! According to the FDA your RDI or recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables is at least 5 servings. A half cup is considered a single serving. With 4 cups or count em’ 8 servings of fruits & vegetables in every bar, ReBAR is MORE than just a healthy snack between meals, it’s ...

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Veggie Bars

If you are looking for a veggie bar, ReBAR is currently the only snack bar on the market featuring 2 cups or 4 servings of vegetables in each bar. And with an equal amount of fruits in each bar, ReBAR is not only a veggie bar, but also a fruit AND vegetable bar. Fruit and veggie bars make a great ...

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Organic Vegetables

ReBAR is a both a terrific and a convenient source for ORGANIC vegetables. ReBAR contains the equivalent of two full cups or 4 servings of organic vegetables in each 1.75 oz. bar. And it comes in three tasty flavors so when you need a snack to get thru your day and you want to supplement your daily intake of organic ...

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Gluten Free Snack Bars

Gluten free snack bars like ReBAR can become an important dietary supplement for people of all ages. In particular, truly healthy gluten free snacks for kids are hard to find. Look no further! More than just another gluten free health bar, ReBAR has more servings of vegetables and fruits, (eight in total) packed into one bar than any other bar on the ...

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ReBAR, a Revolutionary Snack


Consumers are more health-conscious than ever, and we all know we should incorporate more fruit and vegetables into our diets. Unfortunately most of us have very little time to make a balanced meal, much less go shopping, for the best produce or fruits in town. So we settle for second rate produce from our local grocery store or some semi-nutritious ...

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Why Eat ReBAR & Why Choose Organic?


Organic is better: Studies from both the universities of Copenhagan & Wisconsin plus the U.S.Department of Agriculture all indicate that organic crops have a much higher concentration of vitamins & metabolites (thought to lower risk of cancer and heart disease in humans) than conventional produce. The nutritional value of conventional produce has been dropping dramatically over the past 30 years, ...

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Rebar Ingredients


Our fast paced lifestyle means many of us still turn to the usual snacking suspects: candy bars and bags of chips full of additives and empty of nutrients. Even if you are being strong and “riding it out”, you can end up overeating at the next meal! But imagine if instead of burdening your body with refined sugars and artificial ...

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